The Twinkie Defense. Jeff and Casey’s Rainbow Hour. Sweden. Swedish beastiality ring. Zoophilia. Penetrating the network. She backed into me. Life finds a way. Rainforest Cafe. Donkey Man. Neigh means neigh. Animal fucking XP. Swedish Agricultural Minister. The WHAT? Test. Teat rub. Genitalia smear. Realtor house repossessions. Mailing yourself out of jail. Metal Gear Solid. Nazism returns. Van Halen minute. Rodney King. Blocked in China. The Price of Celebrity. Milli Vanilli. Divorce. Seattle’s original sewer system. The AT&T store. The DMV. Prepaid minutes. To Catch a Predator. Bad life decisions. Fuck-up dominos. Dale Chihuly. Frank Gehry. Timeless eyesores.
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