By Jeff Roberts
Casey Muratori
Whale binge drinking is a huge problem in this country.
SeaWorld. Blackstone. Annheiser-Busch. Blackfish. Free Willy. Moby Dick. The Surfrider. Swim-up bars. Blowhole stands. Frats. Hazing. Pledge week. Fratfish. The Annheiser-Busch Hospitality Hut. Fake IDs. Buying liquor. Coccaine. The Whale of Wall Street. Penny stocks. Plankton stocks. Qualudes. Exploding whales. Animal testing. Evolution. Bears. Cougars. Serial killers. Aurora avenue. Free pool. Free wireless. Motels. Adult whale of an alcoholic. The whale abuse cycle. OSHA. SeaQuest DSV. The Asylum. Sherlock Holmes. Irena Adler. Third Love. Bras. Bra measurements. The Asian Boob Machine. Sean Parker. Victoria’s Secret. Fetishes. The Internet of Things. The NSA.
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