Book 1: The Asshole Situation
The Asshole Situation  —  Prologue
Casey attempts to conscript an elderly lady for Jeff and Casey Time duty after Jeff fails to buy her out.
The Asshole Situation  —  Chapter 1
An unsucessful Jeff and Casey Saturday leads the two to seek Brian’s help in determining what went wrong.
The Asshole Situation  —  Chapter 2
Jeff and Casey recount their trip to the movies and the public library.
The Asshole Situation  —  Chapter 3
Brian hears Jeff and Casey’s explanation of what happened during miniature golf and an excursion to feed the seals.
The Asshole Situation  —  Chapter 4
Casey explains the myriad problems with Girl Scout cookies.
The Asshole Situation  —  Chapter 5
Brian’s analysis of Jeff and Casey Time forces the duo to reflect on their behavior.
Book 2: The Mayonnaise Crisis
The Mayonnaise Crisis  —  Chapter 1
Jeff’s inability to communicate with a new drive-thru operator forces the pair to take matters into their own hands.
The Mayonnaise Crisis  —  Chapter 2
Jeff and Casey explain to Matt how his restaurant should be run.
The Mayonnaise Crisis  —  Chapter 3
An insensitive order leads Jeff and Casey to realize the true nature of the Burger Monarchy.
The Mayonnaise Crisis  —  Chapter 4
Matt’s judicial activism becomes a problem for Jeff’s executive and Casey’s legislative branches of government.
The Mayonnaise Crisis  —  Chapter 5
Jeff and Casey witness the power of the fully operational frozen Coke machine.
Book 3: The Manly Void
The Manly Void  —  Chapter 1
Jeff and Casey’s trip to the supermarket rekindles the flame of sportsmanship.
The Manly Void  —  Chapter 2
Casey steps in to help Jeff with the Jeff and Casey Games logistics.
The Manly Void  —  Chapter 3
Jeff performs the opening ceremony as Casey explains the proceedings to the crowd.
The Manly Void  —  Chapter 4
An overzealous sprinkler system compels Jeff and Casey outside to meet the seals.
The Manly Void  —  Chapter 5
Insufficient facilities at the orphanage force Jeff and Casey to rethink their plans.